Sonntag, 22. November 2009

Nostalgic silver Christmas pendants/ornaments

The round and oval silver Christmas pendants that I hung on my new feather tree, which you can see in this photo are from my last years collection. This year I created a new line of silver soldered Christmas ornaments/pendants that I'd like to offer you here today.

I hung a few of them on my old french brocante mirror to show you just one of hundred of possibilities on how to decorate them. You can rightclick on any of my pictures to enlarge them it if you want to see more details.

I dunno about you but I love their silver shine in combination with nostalgic Christmas pictures and faux snow flakes (mica) so much, it makes them the perfect nostalgic Christmas ornament for me.

They are all two sided, the same picture is on the back side, so that they look still beautiful when turning around, for example when you hanging from the Christmas tree.

They are all soldered with lead free silver gleem solder from Canfield and are all Boxwood Cottage originals, handmade by me.

Here is the whole new line:

And another decorating example from my living room:

They also look splendid hanging from chandeliers!

They are 2 x 3 inches (5 x 7,6 cm) and cost 16 Euro/24 Dollar the piece. Shipping depends on where you live, I'll send them in a flat padded envelope. I'll also gift wrap them for you if you wish, with no extra costs for you of course.

So if you like what you see and want to purchase one or more just drop me an e-mail to

Happy Christmas shopping whishes you

Carola xoxo

Samstag, 24. Oktober 2009

Nostalgic papier mâché containers

Do you love nostalgic Christmas items as much as I do? If so you will love the papier mâché boxes from Thuringia in Germany that I offer you here. There are balls in 3 different sizes, cloches in two sizes, as well as walnuts and pinecones. You can embellish them to your hearts content. I have embellished a few as examples for you:

These are the small balls. At first I painted them with fast drying acrylic paints in frosty white, silver or gold and then I embellished them with Dresden foil trims and borders, woven ribbon and dots of vintage sheet music paper:

The small balls are 6 cm wide, the pine cone is 8 cm and the walnut is 10 cm wide.

Then there are bigger balls in 8cm and 10 cm. Here is another example on how to use them. I used only one half of the 10 cm wide balls to create a little Christmas scene in it.

To create these ball theaters with Christmas scenes I lined one ball half with thin aluminium foil and then glued silver tinsel around the edges of the ball. You can fill them with whatever springs to your mind.

Of course it isn't limited to Christmas decorations, you can use these balls for every holiday depending on how you embellished them.

I can also offer you papier mâché cloches in two sizes, 12 cm and 13 cm wide:

Here are some more examples on how to embellish them:

They all have a little golden hanger and they all open up so that you can fill them with candies or little surprises. I also think that they make beautiful gift containers.

If you are interested please send me an e-mail to Carolinchen39athotmaildotcom and I'll send you a price list.